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Calmont Hiking Trail

In the middle of the Calmont region, between Ediger-Eller and Bremm, lies the Calmont, with an average gradient of 70 ° it is the steepest vineyard in Europe.


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Precisely because it is so steep, it is a vineyard of superlatives.


Today, a unique Riesling thrives on the Calmont.


A hiking trail runs right through the mountain.


Here the hiker feels for himself what it means to work in such a vineyard.


Over narrow paths, hanging on ropes and over vertical ladders it goes steeply uphill, wild-romantic with breathtaking views of the Moselle valley.


Numerous information boards about the cultural landscape with its special flora and fauna accompany you along the entire route through the hiking trail.




On the opposite side of the Moselle, a detour to the ruins of the Stuben monastery is worthwhile.


The Calmont High Trail connects the via ferrata to a circular hiking trail

and is also part of the Moselsteig.


This leads you along the mountain ridge to the reconstruction of a Roman high-altitude sanctuary and to the viewpoints "Vierseenblick", "Todesangst" and to the summit cross.


Starting at the entrance to the via ferrata in Eller, the circular hiking trail is a total of 6 km long.


A hiking time of about 4 to 5 hours is charged.


The wine tavern at the Calmont summit cross is managed on weekends during the season.






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