Calmont Region





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The Moselle area is famous for its exceptional wines.

In particular the elegant Riesling wine from steep and steepest slope vineyards as the Calmont, the “Osterlämmchen” or the “Feuerberg” is well known amongst wine connoisseurs ranging far across the borders of the Moselle valley.

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But also the manifold other wines, such as the “Elbling”, the “Dornfelder” or the full-bodied burgundy wines promise a delectable treat of the very special kind.

Many sommeliers stock up on exclusive specialities like Ice Wine or Beeren-Auslese. In particular it is worth to emphasize the tangy, hand jounced, gently sparkling wines which outshine the taste of many types of champagne with ease.

As variegated as the wines are the high quality products of the local hard liquor manufacturers. As told by a long tradition they extract the spirit of the wine into the bottle and distil the finest flavours of fruit to exquisite compositions of selected liqueurs and brandys.

Ediger-Eller thrives by winegrowing. The local winemakers are happy to invite you to an unhurried wine tasting or to a sightseeing tour into their rustic cellars.

Most of them provide apartments to rent, so you may witness the daily work of the winemakers on site. Those who wish to do so may also visit the vineyard and offer a helping hand in the grape gathering.