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Culture & History

In the year 639 a.c. both villages were officially documented for the first time.


The preserved records indicate the status of royal villages under the reign of Franconian king Dagobert I from the famous Merowingian dynasty.


Eller, as the then larger of both villages, gained a good deal of reputation quite early.


Due to the early Christianisation of the village, Eller was, during the Merowingian reign, the domicile of a monastery, sanctified to St. Fridolin.Durchgang


During the Middle-Ages, the Church and every important noble dynasty were striving for ownership of vineyards at the Moselle.


It is hard to find any village at the Moselle which holds as many monastery sites and ecclesiastic monuments as Ediger-Eller.



St. Martinskirche











Erected in the 15th century, the late Gothic Church of St. Martinus with its twin naves,

exceptionally splendorous stellar vault, and rich interior


– from the romanesque baptismal font to the baroque altar and the impressive organ (manufactured by the famous Stumm-Dynasty)–



features the most beautiful bell tower along the Moselle with the most majestic peal of bells next to the Cathedral of Treves.























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