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Ediger-Eller GoldWeinfest 2012

Ediger-Eller, nestled in an impressive landscape of vineyards, meadows and woods, is an attractive holiday destination right in the heart of the Calmont Region. You are looking for sports and activities, silence and relaxation or travelling with children? Everyone is cordially welcome to us!


In the year 2010, Ediger-Eller was honoured as the most future compliant village of Germany.


In 2014, the Calmont Region, which not only includes Ediger-Eller but also the villages Bremm and Neef, represents the land of Rhineland-Palatinate at the „European Village Renewal Award 2014“.


Here is the place where past and modern times meet, where hospitality is a natural course of action and where excellent wine and regional food is served up.


These holidays will be a great experience in a region where the sun feels at home.






Holiday & Leisure


We want you to enjoy your stay at Ediger-Eller.



Our hosts have the best qualifications for that, and their offers vary from simple to luxurious lodgings, so you will spend the best time of your year in a true holiday paradise.



Canoeing, tranquil ship tours, challenging trips by bicycle, hiking at ‘Calmont Klettersteig’ - the steepest vineyard in Europe - gulfing on the hills of Ediger-Eller or paragliding – no wish has to remain unrealized.


Caravaning and camping is also possible, on the idyllic banks of the Moselle are pitches enough.

A special service for our guests is the ‘Gästeticket’, with which you can go by train or bus for free in the VRM area.








Wine & Culinary


Ediger-Eller is famous for the exceptional wines.


In particular the elegant Riesling-wine from steep and steepest slope vineyards is well known amongst wine connoisseurs. This wine, in combination with regional products of food, that an excellent taste.


Cosy restaurants and luxurious hotel gastronomies will always offer you a free table.


Rustic taverns (“Straußwirtschaften”) offer hearty Winemaker´s dishes along a good glass of best wine.











Ediger Kirchturm


Culture & History


You will be impressed by what you can see while having a walk in the historic centre of Ediger-Eller:

ancient monasteries, residences of noblemen, magnificent half-timbered houses, two artistically important churches and a town wall that still exists in most parts.


They all are witnesses of Ediger-Eller’s eventful past.


Beautiful sacral objets d’art, statues, valuable paintings or the famous relief “Christus in der Kelter” (Christ in the Wine Press) are a pleasure to every art lover. Many of the half-timbered houses